Classes and Lessons


Introduction to Foil Fencing

SSW currently offers an introductory foil fencing class during Spring and Fall sessions through Wichita Parks and Recreation at the Edgemoor Recreation Facility. Registration is through the Parks and Rec Website.

This is a low cost class, once a week from 6:30pm to 7:30pm on Thursday nights for 8-weeks during the Spring and Fall sessions. All equipment is provided for this class. Please wear comfortable athletic clothing and athletic shoes. We prefer no jeans be worn. Ages 13+.


Intermediate Fencing Class

The Intermediate class is on Friday evenings at the Edgemoor facility, from 6:30pm to 8:00pm, and will run for all four parks and rec sessions, for as many weeks as there are in those sessions.

The format of this class is based on group footwork drill followed by individual fencing lessons between instructor and student, while other students are engaged in self-directed paired drills (based on our group instruction from the beginners’ class) and other individual drills. There is generally some time reserved for bouting for those who are ready to bout.

The intermediate class focuses on Italian Foil, Sabre, Spada (Épée), and 17th-18th century Sword or Sword and Dagger (a.k.a Rapier or Rapier and Dagger), but lessons for weapons other than foil must be arranged with instructor approval.

To join the intermediate class, you must have completed the introductory class (or have prior fencing experience and instructor approval) and you will need your own mask, jacket, and glove (and chest plate, for women). We can continue to provide Italian foils on an interim basis.


Individual Lessons

Individual lessons in the following disciplines are available by appointment and with instructor approval:


Spada (épée)

Sabre (both Italo-Hungarian and Radaellian)

17th-18th century Sword, or Sword and Dagger.

To schedule a lesson please contact us by email or Facebook messenger.

Note: some loaner equipment is available even for individual lessons, please contact us for details.