This page contains videos that are of particular interest to SSW students. Additional videos will be added as time permits.

Maestro Giorgio Santelli – Foil Fundamentals

Below is a the first of a three part video on foil fundamentals by Maestro Giorgio Santelli. We don’t do everything exactly the same, but it is quite close. Maestro Hootman did not like the centered rear foot and raised heel while on guard that Maestro Santelli shows in this video, so we don’t do that. Instead, we keep the heels on the same line, and keep the rear heel on the ground. Also, we do not insist on the very stiff rear hand that Santelli apparently liked. It is something of an affectation, and causes stiffness in the rear forearm, and ultimately tires and tightens the rear arm and shoulder.  Finally, in the lunge, while we allow the body to lean forward, we tend to maintain the rear arm in such a way that it forms a straight  (or parallel) line with the front arm.  These things aside, this is a really lovely look at foil fundamentals from one of the best fencing masters of the 20th century.  The video will auto-play into the next part.

Flashing Steel – A British Pathé short

This short film, from 1926, compares two methods of sabre fencing, an ‘old’ method, and the then-new Italian method. Unfortunately the video fails to specify that the ‘old’ method is also Italian. The ‘old’ method shown is a Masiello based variant of Radaelli’s method of sabre fencing, which became popular in England for a time when it was adopted as the 1895 Infantry Sword Exercise. The two sabres used in the ‘old’ portion of the video are 1st and 2nd model Masiello sabres.

SSW Videos

A clip from a sword and dagger lesson. Student beats in 4th, performs a feint of a direct thrust between the weapons, and a half-cavazione below the dagger.
Another clip from a sword and dagger lesson. This time, on feints and defense against feints.
A bit of test cutting with an late 19th to early 20th century Radaelli sabre (17mm FW Holler blade), in May of 2019.